Focus on your client's satisfaction

Make it easy for your customer to see all different reports on one page

All in one

View all dashboards accessible for user in one page.

Higly customizable

Use whitelabeling to customize portal for your needs. Upload logo, change emails.

Simplified workflow

Manage users on Keboola and GoodData by one platform.


All data are stored inside GoodData and Keboola side, as it is now.

United platform

Use one system to manage your users in GoodData and Keboola together

  • All data changes are automatically synchronized
  • Your clients don't need to access both systems
  • All informations are on one place in user friendly portal
  • Still up to date custom portal provising SSO for your clients
Contact us Dashboard embedded in portal

Data permissions

Protect your client's data

  • Simplify Keboola multitenant projects management
  • Set specific data permissions for each user
  • Export data permissions to GoodData by one click
  • Create one report and use it for multiple clients
Contact us Data permissions setting


Import dashboards from GoodData, assign users,
customize website look which suits your client

  • Upload your clients logo
  • Customize notification emails
  • Change users and clients details
  • Use simple CSV imports you already know from Keboola
Contact us Client customization